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Convocatoria para realizar una investigación sobre la Historia de ESREA

(HI)STORY OF ESREA CALL FOR A RESEARCH PROPOSAL Submission date: 1st March 2012 To celebrate 20 years of the European Society for Research on the Education of Adults (ESREA) the Steering Committee is making a call for a research proposal titled ‘(Hi)story of ESREA’. The Steering Committee invites researchers to send a proposal which will look at all the dimensions of the activities of ESREA. This includes its members, participants at conferences, the identity of the organization, its networks, rules, and its approach and structure in the context of a changing European life. The main goal of this proposal is to present and outline the continuities, changes and transformations of this European organization through academic research and critical reflections by analyzing the ideas, goals, history, stories, facts and other significant elements and contexts of the 20 years of the society’s life. The study should be undertaken by an experienced researcher and a written report produced. This will be presented at the Triennial ESREA Conference September 2013. The time period for the research is 12 months (31/07/2012 – 31/ 07/2013). The Steering Committee of ESREA has allocated 10.000 euro for one or more accepted project(s). The procedure of choosing the research proposal(s) will be made anonymously by Steering Committee experts. Steering Committee members cannot put in a research bid. The research proposal should be a maximum of 5 pages. Please send your proposal to the Secretary of ESREA andreas.fejes@liu.se ; deadline: 1st March 2012 Please send the following information on two separate sheets: (1) Author(s): CV, the list of main publications, research experiences (2) The proposal outline should include: the research questions, context, methodology,
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